Located on the ground floor of the newly regenerated Holmes Mill Complex, the Everyman Cinema has joined a much loved destination that already boasts a hotel, restaurant, food hall, beer hall and brewery. The grade II listed building is noted by Historic England as making a significant contribution to the local townscape and much of the Mill complex is largely unaltered and is recognisably of pre-1840 date

Despite the size of the mill buildings, the entrance to the cinema is relatively discreet. Stepping through a doorway in to a rich curtain lined ,festoon lit lobby to the bar and lounge beyond. On entering the space, the bar dominates the room with large industrial glass globe pendants above and walls are lined with traditional timber panelling.

The space is a journey of discovery with the lounge wrapping around the bar where there is a warm timber lined intimate seating area. Boldly upholstered floral banquettes sit in from of rich walnut panelling and the lounge also incorporates a steel and glass clad partially open kitchen, offering Everyman’s signature Speilburger Menu.

The Cinema features 4 varying size auditoriums, with 2 intimate 30 seaters, a larger 70 seater, topped by a grand 120 seater, each differing in style but all with luxurious velvet arm chair and sofa seating and tactile fabric lined walls.


Site Overview